Ed Pizzi


I've worked in a few different software engineering disciplines.

My work can be divided into the following periods:

Computer vision 2017-present

Most of my recent work has been in computer vision, and can be found in the research section of this site.

Startup software engineering 2014-2019

I've worked at two startups, joining both at the ~8 person stage. The first grew to ~200 employees during my time there. The 2nd, GrokStyle, was acquired by Facebook in 2019.

I worked mainly on backend engineering, but did everything from sales calls, meeting with customers, writing a javascript SDK, and a bit of mobile development.

SRE and production automation 2005-2014

I began my career at Google in Site Reliability Engineering, which at the time was a new field. I focused on production automation.

A deployment automation system whose development I led starting in 2008 is still widely used withing Google. A history of the project was presented at SRECon Americas 2019, and the system is discussed briefly in the SRE book.

Programming languages 2003-2005

I worked an undergraduate research assistant in a programming languages research group, including on the MetaOCaml language.